Sunday, 19 January 2014

Yes I'm 50!!

Long time no see again, I know.. But I find the occasion of my 50th birthday very appropriate for a glamorous come back.. Turning 50 is not the funniest thing in the world, let's agree on that, but I tried to make it work the best way I could. With an afternoon tea birthday party for girls only! 

I decorated the house with balloons and flowers, I made egg and cucumber finger sandwiches with  recipes from the Savoy, I had a variety of teas, coffee and rose bubbly wine, crown shaped cookies, pinks cupcakes that I made myself,  and the most amazing cake ever. And some of my best friends around me, and lots of laughter and .. To make a long story short, it was fun. I enjoyed every minute of it and I think I will make it again, at least twice, I will celebrate my 50th birthday I mean, in the years to come.. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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