Monday, 18 February 2013

Decorating a flat in London

As I expected, within one month the tiny apartment in Chelsea was "transformed" from a simple rental to a cute, small home. My budget was not much, so I had to stay away from all the fancy high street shops and think more creatively. I needed some basic furniture, a second couch and a coffee table for the living room, a desk for my computer, a dinning table and some chairs because we had to eat somewhere, a wall cabinet with a mirror for the bathroom, a caddy for the shower, a wall mirror for my bedroom and a desk for my son. I'm very proud for the result, so instead of writing more about it, I prefer to walk you around room by room, with photos of before and after. Let's go!  

That was the living room when I first came in, not bad just...irrelevant. 

As I love pink, the moment I laid eyes in this couch from IKEA I knew I'de found exactly what I needed. Although the room was very small, I even found space for a table with two chairs from Tesco Direct.  

As for the side table, I was very lucky to find it on express delivery at, since almost everything you buy from there usually arrives 2-12 weeks after placing the order. (The lamp is from Argos). Finally, the coffee table is from Tesco Direct too but I don't really like it, it was more than an emergency solution until the right one arrives. 

The bathroom was the smallest I've ever seen. Really.. 1.96m X 1.52m, felt almost like a big closet, but it had power shower and chrome mixer taps, thing that, if you live in England you know is rare and precious. :P

So I found a nice cabinet with a mirror (which for some reason was much cheaper when I bought it)  and a caddy for the shower in Tesco Direct and.... voila!

The kitchen was very well equipped, with washer-dryer, dishwasher, fridge/freezer, four ring gas hob, oven and everything so it just needed some colour..

The bedrooms were very cosy but I needed to make room for our desks and all the personal stuff we brought with us from Athens. So I had to move some furniture around the house... This is my bedroom before....

And after....

The desk is again from Tesco direct and the wall mirror is from IKEA.

 And this is my son's bedroom before....

And after... His desk is from IKEA...

Last but not least, the apartment had a small balcony and view to the building's garden. Huge plus for someone coming from a sunny country like Greece.


  1. Σου λείπει τελικά, ε; :-)

  2. Ναι ρε γαμώτο... Οπότε όπως λέει και ο Εξολοθρευτής, I will be back... :P

  3. very fevi-ish, υπέροχο σπίτι!

  4. Gioupi! Fevis' blog is back!!!!!Epikairo to postz metakomisw se kainourio spiti ton allo mhna kai skeftomai pws borei kaneis na diakosmhsei ypo periorismous. Kai to tesco direct tosa xronia den to hksera! Vevaia to diko mou provlhma einai pws na ksefwrtothw ta yparxoda epipla, oxi na vrw kainouria...a k epishs poly to zhlepsa to patwma sto saloni!
    Ade kaloriziko kai kaloriko! (to spiti kai to blog)

  5. a k ksexasa na rwthsw, ta maksilaria stous kanapedes, where from?

  6. Κάποια είναι από το John Lewis και κάποια άλλα από το Etsy...

  7. Μου αρεσε πολυ αυτο το μικρο σπιτακι! Ειχε αυρα, φως, ενεργεια ! Φαινεται πολυ καλυτερο εσωτερικα απο αυτο που ειχαμε μεινει. Δεν συγκρινεται η περιοχη βεβαια.

  8. Περίμενε φίλη να δεις το επόμενο.. Ήταν να μην πάρω φόρα... :)

  9. Τρομαζω!! Να κατεβασω τη σημαια δλδ!!! :-)

  10. Wow, that is beautiful and stylish! You have great taste!