Thursday, 21 February 2013


Back in Athens, I try to make up my mind about what I really want to do next. It's not easy, because recession makes things much more difficult in every aspect of our life, but I try to stay focused on what I need and how I can make it happen. In the mean time, I stay home a lot watching my favourite shows or reading books and magazines, I cook and bake, I often invite friends over, and some nights I go out for dinner or just drinks. 

(Our house in Athens. This is the living room where I love to lay on the couch, cocooning..)

(The dining table, ready for my friends...)

Although Greece struggles to tame the worst economic, political and social crisis since the end of World War 2, Athens remains a lively city. Maybe it's the sun that does not allow us to stay grumpy for long, maybe it's our very resistant DNA - who knows really?-  the thing is that the city and its inhabitants insist to keep their lives rolling. And they succeed.  

"Spice and rice on ice"... Cocktail at Hama, one of the best places for sushi in town. 


  1. Back in Athens...και μονο σημαια που δεν σηκωσαμε οι φιλοι σου εδω....! :-) Φιλιαα!

  2. It is a good thing, it is only hope and the strong will of the people that pulls a country out of a recession!