Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Just an other sunny day in Athens...

It may be nearly the end of February but in Athens the weather is warm and sunny. That means that I was able to spend the day outdoors with my friends having coffee at Palia Agora, a cosy cafe-restaurant in Filothei, 

then walk my dog around the quiet suburban streets,

and on my way home buy some fresh flowers for my vases...

I do miss London, it's been more than three months that I'm gone, but this glorious sun helps a lot to deal with the nostalgia. (Still counting days though...)


  1. Oh, it is so beautiful and sunny there. No wonder you had to go home! I come from South Africa which is very warm and sunny so the endless grey skies in London does eventually get to me.

  2. @Emm in London Yes, it's an amazing country and I love Athens, and the sun, and everything, but I will be back in London soon, for good this time.. And I really hope that I will be able to cope with the moody weather..
    p.s. Never been to South Africa though.. I'd love to one day..